How to Sponsor US


Why do we need sponsorship?

Back when this was held at an actual venue we had the support of the venue, local staff, and purchases to keep things running.  As long as the venue remained and we had people willing to run things, stuff worked and worked well.

Today though, we are existing outside of a venue and able to open our doors literally to the world.  But there are costs.  While running ads on our site or during our stream is a potentially viable source to manage some, if not all our costs, we would like to avoid that.  Or at least keep things in the "family".

What costs do you have?

Running something like this can incur many costs.  Some of the services we use have fees to use them in the ways we need to.  These include:

  • Zoom - a subscription is needed for guaranteed quality and sessions longer than 45 minutes.
  • Website Hosting - providing us a home online
  • Equipment - nothing lasts forever, sometimes we need to replace things.
  • Internet - running something streaming based requires more than average internet speeds.

Ways To Donate



Zoom is our biggest concern month to month.  Artists and viewers alike have donated monthly to help keep things running.  Our typical costs are small, but it helps.  If you would like to sponsor us for a month of zoom, we ask only $16 USD to cover Zoom and fees.  You can donate with the following links:


If you donate for a month, you have the option to pick a specific month if it is not already sponsored.  You also get a shoutout on our stream and an on-screen popout showing your name, and image, and link (if you choose).  You can specify what month when you send the funds via PayPal/Venmo in the note.  Also include an email to contact you at and we'll reach out for the other information.

This is an example of some of the popouts we have had on stream.  We will design it based on the information you have given.


Likewise, if you choose to keep things simple, we also have 



Another way to help us is to purchase some of our merchandise.  You can visit our store here:


Other ways to Sponsor/Support us

Donations can be sent to Liss Victory, Owner and Manager.  You can find her information here:

Donations can also be sent to Wesley Mason, Tech Director and Sound Guy.  You can use the paypal or venmo links below.  Please specify it is a donation, no need to worry about enabling "friends and family", they employ people too.


Additionally, spread the word.  Tell everyone about us.  The more listeners we get, the more we can do.  The more people who sign up, the more we can show you.  Likewise, contact either Liss Victory or Wes Mason and they may have some back end tasks we could use help with.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!