New Years Eve
2022 - 2023

New Years

Our Third Annual (on Zoom) Hambone's Open Mic "Rock Around The Clock!"
An 16 hour extravagance of Musical Proportions.

16 hours..
8 hosts..
7 slots each..

How To Watch

How To Watch

Stream 1 (8 hours) 1pm EST

Stream 2 (8 hours) 9PM EST

Time (EST)Your Hosts
1pmLiss Victory
3pmKyla Tilley
5pmJohn Peiffer
7pmNalini Lasiewicz
Time (EST)Your Hosts
9pmTerry Crebel
11pmJohn J. X. Cihon
1amJimi Yamagishi
3amLeigh Thomas
5amClosing Words - A Toast!